As the world leader in essential oils, Young Living believes that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Our vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle.

Young Living's story started more than 25 years ago with a simple, home-built essential oil distillery. Today, our farms and community span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to provide nature’s best, millions trust Young Living to deliver superior essential oils. 

Young Living's Seed to Seal® process is our promise to you. This meticulous, five-step approach allows us to deliver nature’s most potent and pure essential oils from our farms to your family.

From the time Young Living choose our seeds to when the products are delivered to your home, we hand-pick the very best to ensure purity and safety. Young Living takes this rigorous approach so we can promise you the most authentic essential oil experience—every time.

This unique approach also sets Young Living apart. As we oversee every step of production to ensure that you're getting pure essential oils and products you won’t find anywhere else.

At Young Living we do not purchase our oils from 3rd party distilleries, and our Seed to Seal production ensures that our oils are authentic and the purest oils you can find anywhere in the world.

This is why thousands of people choose Young Living Essential Oils.





 To be Young Living® Therapeutic Grade Means:

* There has been verification of the correct species when the seed was planted

* There has been verification of the purity and manner of cultivation (no chemicals or nearby pollution, etc.)

* There has been verification of proper time of harvest to optimize the properties in the oils

* There has been verification of the proper manner of distillation to capture all of the therapeutic compounds and chemical composition as determined by sophisticated laboratory tests

* There has been verification of the purity of the packaging–i.e. nothing added, nothing taken away, stored in light-protected containers (amber or blue bottles) of glass, ceramic, Teflon, or stainless steel, and kept in a suitable environment of appropriate temperatures

     The term, “Therapeutic Grade,” applied to essential oils was originally coined and defined by Gary Young and Young Living®. Years ago some aromatherapists and competing companies criticized Young Living® for using this term saying, “there is no such term.” They were right in that no government or regulatory agency had defined the term, but Gary and Young Living® did define it.

(just some of the) YOUNG LIVING FARMS


By cultivating, harvesting, and distilling many of our essential oils on our very own farms, Young Living have the unique ability to verify perfection at every step of our process. Combine this with our extensive laboratory testing and independent audits, and it's no wonder that we routinely exceed our own industry-leading quality standards. Young Living's commitment to quality doesn't stop there, however. Inspired by the fields, forests, and jungles that surround our pristine farms, Gary Young is constantly discovering new botanicals and essential oils, helping us bring more of nature's greatest gifts to people everywhere.






The rugged landscape of central Utah contrasts with the serene, fragrant lavender fields to create a place of pure peace and relaxation. Featuring over 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs, a cool reservoir, pristine natural beauty and fresh mountain air, the Mona, UT Lavender Farm is a beautiful destination the whole family can enjoy. Activities include:

  • Annual Lavender Harvest

  • Essential oils classes

  • Run through the Lavender 5K

  • Distillery tours

  • Wagon rides

  • Small animal farm visits

  • Paddleboat cruises


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Boasting nearly 2,000 lush acres of farmland, the Ecuador farm's fertile ground and year-round growing season support an abundance of palo santo trees, several new high-oil-content plants, along with ample cultivation of lemongrass, ruta graveolens, and many more local plants and herbs. This farm is also proving to be the perfect place to harvest oils that are in short supply throughout the world, such as helichrysum, which is renowned for its restorative properties.


Dense jungles surround the farm, creating a natural lab for essential oil research and development. Founder Gary Young ventures into the jungle on a regular basis to obtain plant samples, which are then analyzed for their therapeutic properties. Once a new Young Living® essential oil is discovered, the plant is either cultivated and distilled on the farm, or sustainably harvested from existing supplies.

Some Young Living essential oils developed in this manner include:

  • Copaiba essential oil

  • Dorado Azul essential oil

  • Eucalyptus blue essential oil

  • Ocotea essential oil

  • Palo santo essential oil

  • RutaVaLa essential oil blend  

Annual Amazon Adventure

Every year Gary Young and a group of Young Living Independent Distributors travel to Guayaquil for the Annual Amazon Adventure. This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes guided hikes through the jungle, tours of the Young Living farm's fields and distillation facilities, essential oil trainings, and much more.


Idaho, U.S.

Previous to Young Living's 1992 purchase of the land for the St. Maries farm, this area had never been exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and manmade fertilizers. This pristine condition makes the 200 acres of soil perfect for the cultivation of botanicals such as melissa, lavender, and tansy.


Idaho, U.S.

The Highland Flats tree farm is located near the small Idaho town of Naples, less than 50 miles from the U.S.-Canada border. Since 2000, the 250-acre farm has hosted the annual Winter Harvest, where distributors join in harvesting blue spruce, balsam fir, red cedar, and pine trees. Each spring, distributors also participate in the Spring Planting, an important reforestation project that replaces the harvested trees.




Simiane, France

Young Living's Simiane-la-Rotonde farm is located in Provence, a region of France renowned for its beauty, fragrant lavender fields, and summer-long festivals. Young Living takes advantage of this fertile land to grow clary sage, lavender, and einkorn wheat.













Salalah, Oman

In 2010, Gary acquired farm acreage in Oman for cultivating Boswellia sacra, or Sacred Frankincense. Now, for the first time in centuries, this precious oil is being distilled in Oman, and Young Living is the first and only company in the world to obtain permission to export it to the Western world. Young Living also cultivates Commiphora myrrha, the botanical used to distill myrrh, another prized biblical oil, at the Oman farm.



Purchased in 2014, the Young Living Northern Lights Aromatic farm grows and distills black spruce, ledum, and yarrow. As part of Young Living's commitment to sustainability, this scenic farm will also be the site of continuous reforestation of the trees we harvest, including the black spruce that are crucial for the popular Valor essential oil blend.


Croatia is home to a wide variety of aromatic plants. It not only is an ideal location for growing helichrysum but also many other crops that will be processed at Young Living's newest distillery, found right on the beautiful farm. This facility will be a fully functioning distillery as well as a manufacturing plant and distribution center.


Darwin, Australia

Established in 1994 and located in Australia's Northern Territory on the northern coast, the Young Living Darwin Farm is their oldest cooperative farm. Young Living has worked closely with owner Vince Collins for nearly 15 years to harvest and distill the distinctive Blue Cypress essential oil.


In 2011, when Gary Young flew to the island of Taiwan to explore its native plants, he began a friendship with Ginn S. Lee, PhD, an acclaimed agriculturalists and his son Tiger Lee, a young engineer. Together they distilled exotic hong kuai and xiang mao botanicals, which were featured in the 2013 Exotic Oils Collection, as well as jade lemon, which was featured in the 2014 kit.


Just a 25-minute drive from Jerusalem, the young Living Israel Cooperative Farm is where Gary Young Met entrepreneur Guy Erlich, who cultivates 8,000 Balm of Gilead (Commiphora geliadensis). This farm is the first large scale commercial plantation site in the world for this historical aromatic treasure.


Dubai & Somaliland






A three generation family business owned by farmer Hassan Saleh, the Young Living Dubai and Somaliland partner farms provide Young Living crucial Boswellia carterii and Boswellia frereana. At the Somaliland farm, frankincense resin is collected and sent to the Dubai farm to be distilled. Running six days a week distilling frankincense essential oil exclusively for Young Living, the Dubai farm has rebuilt their distillery to fully meet Young Living's exacting Seed to Seal standards.