This life changing course focuses on the key things you need to know to detox your diet by making the switch to a real food diet. It's no big mystery, dynamic health and well being are simply a matter of sourcing and eating real foods. So if you are tired of feeling crappy, and getting confused by so called expert nutritional advice and stealth advertising, and crave a simpler approach to healthy eating, this course will show you how. There's no need to be overwhelmed - feeding yourself well doesn't need to be complicated! You can make the switch to a real food diet without going broke, living in the kitchen or feeling deprived.


You Will Be Inspired to Learn:

How to nourish yourself and family with real, natural foods.

How to transform your pantry from processed to nourishing.

How to prepare meals with real foods that are delicious, fresh, and tempting.

How to become real food savvy by knowing how to read food labels and avoid unhealthy processed and artificial foods.

How to gather real foods, no matter where you shop or the size of your grocery budget. 

Effective meal planning and kitchen tips to make eating real a breeze.


Course Materials Include: 

Video Tutorials

Printer Friendly PDF Documents you can hang on your fridge

Comprehensive Curriculum Documents

Real Food Recipes - including how to make healthier versions of traditional store-bought foods


You will have unlimited access to this course and can take as long as you need to complete it.


FORMAT: This is a digital content course. It is delivered to your inbox over the course of 7 days.






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