Do you have low energy, mood swings, headaches, problems losing weight, skin problems, allergies, wacked out hormones, and other health issues?

Your probably need to detox your diet!

Not sure how? No worries, I've got all the experience in this department,

so I created my FREE Detox Your Diet in 7 Days challenge!

If you’re tired of feeling crappy, and getting confused by so called expert nutritional advice and stealth advertising, and crave a simpler approach to healthy eating, you’re in the right place. I designed this challenge to make it easy for anyone to start eating healthy food instead of the processed garbage that fills the majority of grocery store shelves. 
I take the guesswork out of knowing what foods to choose when you go shopping. 
I demystify the whole farmer’s market scene and give you the lowdown on what to ask a farmer when you’re looking for the best non-toxic food available. 
No more lame excuses like you don’t have time to cook real food, because I even show you how to save time in the kitchen. 
Low on cash? No problem, I’ve included a shopping list for people on a tight budget. Ready to change your life? Alright, let’s DETOX…