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This is a 78-hour professional course in holistic culinary nutrition.

It is an in-depth, interactive, and inspiring training program in natural foods cooking and therapeutic nutrition.

This program is designed for those with prior holistic health training, or can serve as an introduction to it. You may be a health professional interested in deepening your understanding of the practical application of the training you already have, or a restaurant owner or caterer wanting to better serve the needs of your clients.

This program is ideal for:

Holistic/Natural Nutritionists 

Health Coaches

Food Service Professionals and Chefs


Homeopathic Doctors 

Naturopathic Doctors 

 Medical Doctors and Nurses 

Yoga Teachers

Fitness Trainers

Bodywork Specialists

& Individuals with a keen personal interest in food and nutrition

As a graduate of this program you will have:

  • A well-rounded understanding of whole, unprocessed foods and sustainable farming practices

  • The confidence to cook healthy food for yourself, your family, clients or patients

  • An understanding the current trends in ‘healthy eating’ and their relative strengths and weakness.

  • Delicious original recipes influenced by traditional diets and therapeutic protocols.

  • The confidence to teach holistic culinary skills to your own students or patients.

  • Knowledge of how to create recipes that are therapeutic to specific conditions

  • Knowledge of how to create and master your own from scratch recipes.

  • Knowledge about the nutritional value of various therapeutic ingredients.

  • An understanding of the basics of nutrition theory and the fundamental relationship between food and health.

  • A connection with the source of real food through farm and market visits.

  • The confidence and knowledge in the correct use of kitchen equipment and procedures.

  • The skills to identify a broad range of natural ingredients as well as an understanding of proper selection and handling.

  • The ability to adapt and transform everyday dishes into health supportive meals.