It's time to rewrite the story.


Women are designed to cycle effortlessly and blissfully.


All to often however women literally feel "cursed" and just plain miserable when they menstruate or experience the transition into menopause.


I'm here to tell you that you don't need to suffer anymore.

You are not cursed - you are blessed with a body that in it's inherent wisdom is communicating with you each and every month.

It's time to listen.


Listen to the messages of your cycle and discover holistic strategies that will bring you back into harmony and balance so you can cycle



When a woman reaches the normal phase in her life when cycles start to cease, she can experience this shift gracefully and naturally.


It's time to set the record straight and share holistic strategies that nurture a healthy menstrual cycle which can set the stage for a blissful menopause.

In this course I share the keys to Hormonal Bliss For Every Stage of a Woman's Life Through:

Rites of Passage

Diet and Holistic Nutrition



Natural Living

Stress Mangement & Emotional Wellness

Topics Include:

Hormones 101

Fertility, Sexuality and Pleasure

Detoxing for Hormonal Health

The Root of Imbalance

Rebalancing Hormones

Fertility Awareness

The Phases of a Woman's Life

Eliminating Hormone Disrupting Foods

and so much more!

Program Includes:

61 page Hormonal Bliss Project Guide

2 Hormone Healthy Recipe Guides (Omnivore and Vegetarian)

Suggested Meals & Shopping Lists

Recipes are Gluten Free, Free of Hormone Disrupting Chemicals, Nourishing Tonics

The Hormonal Bliss Project is yours FREE with the purchase of a Young Living Ningxia Red Starter Kit!

Ningxia Red is my daily shot of super food greatness! It's a Wolf Berry beverage enhanced with other super fruit juices and powerful essential oils. It's a daily component of the Hormonal Bliss Project and I include it in the program because it is amazing and supporting full body wellness, hormonal health, and out of this world libido.

The Ningxia Red Starter Kit is $199.75 plus tax + shipping.


Once we order your kit I will invite you into the exclusive Hormonal Bliss Project FB group to join the program which begins November 23 2020 and runs to December 13 2020.

Want in? Sweet! Register below and I will be in touch!

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