Want to turn your passion for essential oils into a profitable business?


I’m a proud Young Living Independent Distributor and am looking for driven,
health-minded people to join our growing organization.

Becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor 

was the next step for me after years of using essential

oils to support the health of myself and my family.

It’s given me the opportunity keep my household as non-toxic as possible while sharing my love for natural wellness with others and making money.


Contact me if you’re ready to:

  • Empower others to support their bodies naturally

  • Save money on natural health solutions

  • Have the ability to earn residual income from your passion

  • Change lives with the power of essential oils

If you are serious about working at home so you can set your own hours and spend more time with your family, then becoming an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils may be the career for you.


Understanding Exactly What This Business Opportunity Is


     Building a Young Living business is a team effort.            

     The 'secret' to success begins by falling in love and using our products. Then you share that love with friends, family and community helping them to fall in love, teach them to share, get their products paid for and GROW.              

     Imagine if you and everyone you introduced to this company was not only able to have your monthly Young Living orders paid for but were also able to help all these families earn an additional $500 - $1000 per month. Wouldn't that feel GREAT???                

     You know that 'Set for Life' lottery where you earn $1000 a week for 25 years. Kind of like that...but without the limits of time or income cap. When you decide to build a Young Living business you can grow as big as you are willing to work for. This business is NOT a lottery. It requires hard work, most of it up front without massive returns. But if you stick with it  and follow this system we teach you, it's the best way to leverage your time, our only limited and most valuable commodity.




What is Residual Income?

     When you share YL with someone and help your member fall in love with the products, they will want to keep ordering. Every time they order, Young Living pays YOU a portion of their purchase as a THANK YOU for helping connect members to their products. Young Living allocates their marketing $$ to be paid directly to the person who made the actual sale. Super smart, right?.




+ THE PRODUCT IS A NEED NOT A WANT "Health" and "Toxin-Free" lifestyle is quickly emerging at the top of consumer needs. Young Living has over 600 products that fit into these categories with everyday wellness needs. Products people use and love month after month, year after year.


+ UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE Young Living has 25+ years of experience and is the world leader & pioneer of the essential oil research/distillation process. Leading the market for this many years shows stability.


+ YL IS YOUR BUSINESS PARTNER Traditional entrepreneurship takes a lot of investment, time, research and planning, not to mention risk. With YL, they have done the heavy lifting. They carry the inventory, handle shipping and customer care. Instead of marketing dollars being spent seeking a potential sale, they pay out commissions on actual sales made. We get paid to connect new and current members to YL's amazing products.


+ UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL Treat YL like a hobby, it will pay like a hobby. Treat it like a business and work it like a job and it will pay like a business. This opportunity has real income earning potential.


+ RESIDUAL & WILLABLE Your independent business is residual, which means it continues to pay as long as you and your downline are ordering. With this in mind, imagine being able to leave a legacy for your family that continues to give.


+ TAX ADVANTAGES Having a home based business has tax advantages. Keep all your receipts and consult your tax professional.


+ COMMUNITY You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who have a heart to help you succeed.


+ TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES As you achieve ranks with YL, you will have the opportunity to visit their global farms and experience the Seed to Seal process first hand.


+ NO EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED You don't have to be an expert. Most successful leaders started by sharing their passion from their own experiences and learned as they earned. 


                           My Why:                    

+ Being Debt Free

+ Financial Freedom

+ Residual Income

+ Giving MORE

+ Pursuing Dreams

+ Security

+ Knowing what I am building now will provide for my family for years to come.

+ ________________________ + ________________________ + ________________________ 

View the full Young Living Income Disclosure Statement here.


As a member of the team, you'll receive:

  • Business Building Resources: Our team has a whole business training system with easy to follow done-for-you tools, such as marketing materials, graphics, documents, online trainings, regular live team calls, etc. for you to use as you build your business. No reinventing the wheel here!

  • Supportive community: I am building a team in every sense of the word.  We will work together, give each other ideas, support each other past limitations that come up.  Ready to have a community that believes in all you do and knows you can succeed?  It’s right here.

  • Wider Supportive Community: My team is part of a larger, worldwide team. We hang out in our exclusive Facebook Group  sharing resources, supporting each other, and celebrating our successes.


Why You Should Start a Young Living Busi
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Hi, I’m Anastasia Akasha Kaur. I’m a Yogi, Holistic Nutritional Consultant,  and Ecstatic Dancer.

     Having built and sold a successful Natural Cosmetics company, and having mentored thousands of people toward a healthier holistic lifestyle over my years as a healthy living consultant, I have a unique set of skills that set my business apart. Co-creating a team of wellness professionals that share my love for natural health and essential oils was the perfect next step for me.

     After years of research, I decided to pick a company that I knew took pride in their purity. I had tried many different oils, but there was only one company that I truly believed in and trusted. I would not use any oils on myself or my own family that were not of the highest therapeutic grade.

     I would love to show you how to incorporate 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils into your life and your business. Get in touch with me to talk about empowering yourself by becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor.


I'll send you details once you've signed up below.

My Power Point Presentation Video of the YL Biz Opportunity