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     Holistic nutrition is based on the understanding that human beings flourish when they eat whole foods. It's really as simple as that. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles can be hectic and often include foods that make us feel lousy.  Just as everyone's life story is unique, every body needs different nutrients and foods. There is not one diet that is best for everyone. I encourage you to listen to your body.

     When people are recovering from diseases or trying to lose weight, they think that they have to sacrifice flavour and enjoyment or might even feel embarrassed around friends and family when it comes to meal times.  I believe that everyone deserves to love the food on their plate.  If you don’t love what you are eating, it won’t nourish your body nearly as much as when you do savour every single bite. 

     As a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant I work with you to create whole food menus and lifestyle strategies that sustain you and feed you wonderfully for the rest of your life, and in a way that makes you LOVE WHAT YOU EAT. 

     Nutritional consultations are for those interested in discovering how they can improve their health through nutrition and other holistic lifestyle recommendations.  These sessions are done by phone and email, or in person if you live locally. Some of the issues that can be addressed in a session are:


Women's Reproductive Health 

Healthy Weight Management

Pediatric Nutrition


Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Digestive Issues


Heart Disease

Nervous System Imbalance /Depression/Anxiety 

Healthy Immunity


ADHD and Children's Health

Nutrition and Aging



Nutritional Deficiencies

Inflammatory Conditions (arthritis, IBS, asthma etc)

Nutrition Basics - personalized general dietary recommendations



Assessment Part 1: This is for information gathering, where you fill out a Holistic Health Questionnaire carefully and with as much detail as possible. Your information provides me with an overview of your body systems and lifestyle.

I also request that you complete a 1-week food diary so I get a better idea of your current eating style.


Assessment Part 2: We meet by phone and we will discuss things like what's going on in your life, your food story, your likes and dislikes, etc. This call will help us find new and interesting ways to enrich your eating experience.  If you have food sensitivities or a health issue, we look at that too. Together we figure out how to revive your culinary reperatoire with foods that will nourish you from the inside out. We work towards designing a plan that will inspire you to make gradual, nourishing, and sustainable changes in your diet that leave you feeling healthy, confident, vibrant, and supported. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Contact me to book your one-hour phone call assessment.

Assessment Part 3: Your personalized nutrition plan is emailed to you, based on the information from the previous session. This session will take place approximately 1-2 weeks after initial consultation. Assessment includes dietary, natural supplement and lifestyle recommendations, key recipes, yoga techniques and exercises when applicable, and additional support documents. Customized menu plans and recipes are available for an additional fee.

Assessment Part 4: Your assessment includes one 30-minute follow up phone call appointment. Appointments take place at least one month after you've received your Assessment Part 2 documents.


Investment: $199.75 + HST

Optional additional follow ups: $75 + HST










Holistic Nutritionist in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia
Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia