ANASTASIA AKASHA KAUR - Director & Wellness Facilitator


     Anastasia is a Natural Living Expert with over 20 years experience in the natural wellness industry. Anastasia is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Yoga Instructor. Anastasia graduated from the Candian School of Natural Nutrition (Nova Scotia), Esther Myer's Yoga Teacher Training (Toronto), The Kundalini Research Institute's Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (New Mexico), and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa's Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (Los Angeles). Anastasia is the founder of Anointment Natural Skin Care, now one of Canada's premier holistic cosmetics companies. 

     Anastasia has facilitated various health conferences, workshops, and classes both as a yoga studio owner and freelancer throughout her careeer. Currently, her core passion is working with Keeping It Real Natural Living and its facilitators to bring corporate wellness solutions to Nova Scotians.

     Anastasia understands the importance of inspiring people with busy and complex lives to take an active role in their health in order to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. She enjoys seeing businesses thrive when a team works together to foster health and well being within it's organization. 

     Anastasia lives on a farm in beautiful Nova Scotia with her family.

The Core Values Which Guide Our Work


INTEGRITY: We listen carefully to one another. We deal in good faith. We are honest, fair, and ethical.


CO-OPERATION: We understand the power of community and

co-operative principles. We draw on the strength of people working together. We enjoy serving and supporting our local communities.


CREATIVITY: We embrace original ideas and fresh ways of looking at the world. We draw on these to build and evolve our services.


LEADERSHIP: We lead by example. We seek to motivate other individuals and organizations to act for people and the planet.


SUSTAINABILITY: We work to practice and advance our environmental stewardship and responsibility.


COURAGE: We do what needs to be done, even if it is frightening and difficult. We do the right thing and take care of the situation. We proactively propose solutions to problems

alignment with these values. We ask for help when necessary.


PASSION: We approach our work with an open mind, positivity and enthusiasm. If something needs fixing, we act quickly to have it addressed. When something goes well, we ensure it is acknowledged. When someone deserves to be celebrated, we celebrate it. We look for opportunities to serve our team members, clients and the community. 


PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY: We respect our time and other people’s time. We set priorities based on the most important and seek the most efficient way of completing a task well. We focus on producing results not just activity.