Many women feel isolated when navigating their life transitions.

Ancient cultures honoured the cyclic wisdom of the feminine so women were guided and supported to grow gracefully to fulfil their feminine potential in each life phase. For Europeans this tradition stopped during the Roman empire when feminine wisdom customs were outlawed. 


Many of the modern day problems which plague women can be addressed by ensuring we have access to our sacred birth right of honouring feminine Rites of Passage.

Without adequate mentoring and initiations women make disempowered choices and experience inner conflict and shame.  

This results in dysfunction on all levels including: 

  • body image issues, comfort eating, yo yo dieting & eating disorders

  • dependence on substances as a coping mechanism

  • lack of feminine identity & empowerment resulting self-negating

  • infertility

  • post natal depression

  • women’s health issues resulting in 30,000 hysterectomies in each year

  • anxiety & depression

  • mid-life crises & fear of ageing

Birth is just one such portal. Puberty, breakdowns, menopause, children leaving and the death of parents or loved ones are other life transitions that offer a powerful energy and momentum for growth.

How we acknowledge and hold these times of personal initiation has a big impact on how they can be integrated in a life affirming and valuable way. The powerful energy can be harnessed, for learning, growth and healing.


How we are met at the threshold of our womanhood has an influence on how we see ourselves as women. It can set a pattern that plays out in our adult hood. We may find ourselves revisiting painful dynamics again and again based on our early experiences. Working in a conscious way with thresholds can offer a special opportunity to release ourselves from life denying patterns.

It is Time to Reclaim Our Feminine Rites of Passage!

 I am available for mentoring girls & women of all ages through their life transitions & create beautiful ceremonies to celebrate all of our feminine milestones.

I believe that honouring our rites of passage is an essential part of remembering and regenerating healthy culture and community.

My interest in this work grew through my experience as a woman, and in particular my life as a mother. I recognize the powerful opportunity for healing, rebirth and transformation that can occur through the honouring of women's life stages. I personally experienced a real lack of acknowledgement and support for myself at these powerful pivotal points in my life, and am feeling called to provide these services for all women.

I am happy to work with creating ceremony to mark the rites of passage in your life in a way that is relevant and meaningful for you.

These are some of the rituals that I could support to create.


120th Day Ceremony

Yogic tradition celebrates that woman becomes a mother one hundred-twenty days after conception. The Creative Force grants full incarnation of the soul into the body. Previously, the soul was subtly linked to the growing cells in the womb. The woman is now the vehicle for the soul to fully incarnate; now she is mother.

On the 120th day of pregnancy, family and close friends are invited to rejoice. The celebration is to honor the mother and offer her loving support. Everyone gathers to meditate, chant, and reflect on the reality that a soul is entering her womb. This celebration also offers prayers for the woman’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being so that she may inspire, teach, and guide her child.

Blessing Way for Pregnancy

A Blessing Way prepares a woman for transition to motherhood, rather than focusing on gifts for the baby. It is a time for the mother-to-be to gather with the women closest to her, toward the end of her pregnancy, and cultivate positive energy for her upcoming birth experience. 

The Celebration of Weaning

Celebrate and mark your baby's first experience of solid food with a special ceremony. This marks the beginning of independence for your little one!

First Moon Celebration
Celebrate a beautiful rite of passage ceremony to welcome your daughter to her womanhood.


Croning Celebration

A Croning is a celebration which formally recognizes that a woman has achieved the status of crone, elder or wise woman. Usually occurs around one year after the last menarche.

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