"Anastasia Akasha Kaur was my first yoga teacher in 1997. She had an innate and intuitive sense of body mechanics and a profoundly absorbent heart, so I am not surprised that she has become one of the true treasures of the yoga world and is guiding yoga students on a journey towards health from the inside out. Her integrative approach to healing means that you might be lucky enough to leave one of her yoga classes with a sourdough starter, a mantra, as well as a nourished spine!"  SHANNON REILLY - British Columbia, Canada


     "I participated in one of Anastasia's wellness courses and was thoroughly impressed. The recipes were fun to prepare and delicious, the advice was bang on and the program was easy to follow. I highly recommend these services!"  AGNES BELLEGRIS - Alberta, Canada

     "Leading the morning's class was the wild, wonderful, no BS queen herself, Anastasia Akasha Kaur. She led us through a series of postures that left me feeling invigorated, empowered and alive. Everything was presented in a way that allowed and encouraged honouring where you were. She enthusiastically encouraged us past our comfort zones, while allowing space for retreat and rest when needed." LINDSAY UMLAH - Nova Scotia, Canada

     "Anastasia is knowledgeable, down to earth, and without any pretension, she's gotten me back in touch with how to breathe, how to eat, and how to live. I can't recommend her services enough."  K. EADY - Nova Scotia, Canada

" I feel absolutely amazing!!! I just attended a  yoga class facilitated by the amazing and gifted  Anastasia Akasha Kaur. This is a must try for anyone looking to tap into their higher self, have an overall feeling of calmness and raised vibration✨ I highly recommend this experience!

Shanon M. Halifax, NS

" I had been feeling a major boiling point sensation due to some huge life shifts that have been taking place, before experiencing this class. The class guided me to release and move through the emotions and come out the other side feeling at peace and reaffirmed. I loved this experience."

A.L Rhyno, Nova Scotia

"I wish every day were Sunday.

Your class, your presence, your guidance are healing and uplifting.

Thank you for extending yourself to us so generously."

J.F ~ Halifax, NS