Anastasia Akasha Kaur will be sharing a Kundalini Yoga Kriya & Adi Shakti Meditation to awaken our connection to the Divine Feminine and align us with the "inward" and introspective energy of the season. She is also the "mix master" for the Ecstatic Dance later on in the evening.

Anastasia Akasha Kaur has devoted her life to the study of just how to achieve health and happiness through the choices we make in each and every moment. The cornerstones of her approach are yoga, holistic nutrition, and aromatherapy. Anastasia is a graduate of Esther Myer’s

700 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, The Kundalini Research Institute’s Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, and The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Anastasia’s professional pursuits have led her down many paths. She’s owned and operated an organic bakery, wildcrafting business, and helped manage a busy downtown Toronto health food store. She is also the creator of Anointment Natural Skin Care, now one of Canada’s premier holistic cosmetic companies. Anastasia currently lives in Nova Scotia where she offers classes and wellness workshops to the community. 



SoLuna Mu


Grandmother Selina will be leading the Opening Ceremony.

In her own words..

"Long ago I sent a call out to Creation Seeking Truth.
The Ones to respond were the Divine Intelligences in Nature. Initially it was awkward and then got better....and better still until this relationship became Co-Creative in its purpose.
I enter into the Stillness bringing Sacred Drum and call forth the Divine Intelligence Of Earth (Mother Earth Mu) and the Divine Intelligence that is the Council of Trees...
They have shown me how to present them to individuals or groups in order to align the Frequency of Love they wish to share with Humanity.
Together we will enter into the Stillness and connect with the Frequencies Of Nature and their powerful ability to realign us and bring Balance, Peace, Oneness and Joy.
And So It Is."

Nkwé (Grandmother) Selina SoLuna Mu is an Ancient Healer Medicine Woman from Mi’kMaqi, Nova Scotia Canada. Her mixed Aboriginal ancestral heritage brings a richly woven connection  of Wisdom, Medicine and Understanding.



Maryz Thuot will be facilitating a Shakti Goddess Ritual as well as Goddess Kirtan.

     Maryz is an artist & musician who has been teaching Yoga for over twenty years. Her centres of interest weave Earth/Body wisdom, Yoga, creative arts, rituals, sound healing and dance. She is co-founder of the spiritual music ensemble called SuryaChandra, which has produced three albums of mantric music. She is also co-creator with visual artist Viki Ogden of “Animistic Yoga; embodying Nature’s wisdom”, a deck of oracle Yoga cards. To know more about Maryz visit Yogic Tranceformation.

Shakti Goddess Ritual: Shakti is one of names that symbolizes the creative power of the Divine Feminine.  It represents the force that sparks the flame of existence in all its infinite manifestations. By honouring Shakti, we align ourselves with truth, beauty & divinity on Earth. We become a sacred instrument; a channel that brings Spirit into form. In this ritual, we will celebrate the Universal Mother within each of us by honouring the light of our being, the voice of our heart, and the wisdom of our soul.


     Michelle Coleman believes that well-being is sacred and precious, and offers her experience and passion in service of this domain.  For the past 25 years, she has served as a registered professional dietitian, public health practitioner, facilitator of authentic and transformational leadership, and university researcher and lecturer.  Michelle is dedicated to nourishing the deep power, collective wisdom, and limitless potential of her fellow humans, by creating spaces of trust and authenticity. 


Mary and Michelle will be offering a Goddess Kirtan.

GODDESS KIRTAN: "Close your eyes sweet soul sisters and surrender inward, into the very Heart of Life and Creation.  Ride the waves of mantric melodies, vibrations and rhythms into sacred silence and inner stillness. Let us weave the joyful instruments of our voices until they merge to become the One Infinite and Divine Song.  Enter the Goddess Temple of the Heart – a place of love, refuge and delight – and let us be reunited with the Divinity that resides within all of us."


     Maryz and Michelle are Moon Sisters, Muses of Mystical Music and Movement.   As Yoginis they delight in weaving their yogic passions together with the ecstatic and devotional practice of mantra chanting. They have been hosting sacred movement, sound healing, and Kirtan circles together for over a decade.  Both are foundational members of SuryaChandra (www.SuryaChandra.net), a spiritual music ensemble that has toured North America sharing Bhakti traditions.  They are honoured to be part of the Sisterhood and trust the healing and transformative power of gathering women. Join them for Kirtan, an ancient practice of call-and-response chanting that merges music, singing, mantra, yoga, community, and meditation to create a blissful “vibrational” massage - one that reconnects us with our Divine Hearts and each other. 


Reagan is offering an Aromatherapy Ritual at The Goddess Gathering

Using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils we will dive into an aromatherapy ritual to balance the body's electrical energy, ground, and assist us in setting our intentions.   Blending the frequencies of the oils with our own unique energy we will align and harmonize our will to the greater good and our true heart's desires, surrendering to the process and our own divine wisdom and power within.

Reagan Jewitt is a Nia & Yoga Instructor, Young Living Essential Oils Diamond Independent Distributor and healthy living advocate passionate about helping others step into their joy through intention and manifesting.  Reagan lives in Bedford, NS with her husband Danny and their 4 children Maddy, Leo, Iris & Gus.  She has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 18 years and loves sharing her experience and knowledge with others.


Deepen the connection to your soul compass and inner knowings. Discover the healing power of story, guided meditation, and soul inquiry. 

Becky is a writer, facilitator and healer. Her contagious spirit inspires living from a place of wild authenticity. She lives on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia with her husband and two children. You can catch up with her by visiting her blog beckkeen.com or on insta beck_keen. She’d loved to hear your story!


Self-care is a hot topic these days. From the tiny social media squares highlighting bubble baths & luxury spa dates, to every second Facebook post telling us we need a new trinket, gift card or something in order to better care for ourselves.

What if I told you that self-care is essential, but that what it looks like should be different for everyone? How amazing would it be to make self-care something accessible, fulfilling & foundational in your life?

Well that's what we're going to do!

Join me, Lindsay Umlah for an experience designed to have you identify & bring to life your personal self-care ritual. We'll discuss the different aspects & areas of self-care, explore the importance & create our own accessible self-care recipe. Making self-care a foundation of your life without feeling like you're sacrificing your sanity or throwing your entire life schedule through the window.

Everyone deserves & needs a little self-care so let's find what that looks like for you!

Lindsay is a spitfire, freedom junkie, and believer in all things magic. She houses a massive passion for women’s empowerment and intense self-love. She lives to see individuals discover their passions and step fully into their power. As the founder of The Loving Myself Loudly Movement she uses her expertise as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Business Mentor, Self-Love Maven and Yoga Teacher to ignite and inspire those she works with to deepen their relationship to self, and create space in their lives and bodies for what ignites their soul. Working with Lindsay is always bound to leave you inspired and vibrating with a new self confidence and love for life and all it’s possibilities.


You can find her spreading her light online


IG: @LindsayUmlahRHN and @LovingMyselfLoudly

FB: Facebook.com/LindsayUmlahRHN



Courtney will be the guiding us through the closing ceremony.

Love Life, Live love, these are the words that guide Courtney through her life as Mamma, Yoga Teacher, Lover, and Wild Woman. As a worshipper of the natural world, she has spent hours tucked away in the solitude of long Prairie grasses watching the endless blue sky roll on above her. She comes alive at the smell of the forest, the saltiness of the Sea air, or marvelling at the wonder of the mountains. A mix of an old soul and a perpetual child, Courtney's passions are varied and deep. Poetry, writing, painting, playing with children, being with horses, pregnancy and birth, caring for others, sunshine, moonlight, moss, music, and exploring her ever changing roles in this Earthly journey are all things that light her up inside. A creature of constant metamorphosis she works to deepen her understanding of the beauty and power in the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth. A gifted holder of space, she creates a vessel of transformation in which you are invited to wake up to the full potential of your Spirit.