Foster an environment of inspiration, engagement and motivation for your employees. 


Wellness Programs provide a unique forum for employees to improve their health and decrease risk factors. Whether health issues are around stress management, weight concerns or prevention, workplace wellness programs provide measurable tools to motivate and inspire employees to achieve their health goals and make positive health changes.










The 3-week Whole Health Program is a starter program designed to help participants build a strong foundation for total health and well being. This program is based on the understanding that optimum health is achieved when individuals care for every facet of their being through:


Good Nutrition


Optimal Body Function

Stress Management


Participants will learn about healthy eating, healthy movement, stress management, and how to promote complete physical health and well being.













The 3-week Nutritional Health Program is designed to help participants establish healthier eating habits.  This program demystifies good nutrition and clearly helps you understand how to eat a balanced diet. You will learn how certain foods affect the body, and how to eat to optimize health.











The 4-week Healthy Weight Program offers the strategies and guidance you need to achieve AND maintain your healthiest weight. This transformational program utilizes holistic nutritional and dietary strategies as well as fitness and lifestyle coaching to help you establlish a life-changing transformation.

You will discover what foods fuel your unique body, as well as the health and stress management strategies that work for your life & schedule.




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